Weekly Briefs: Embryos can be tax dependents; top state court upholds mail voting


Weekly Briefs: Bannon convicted for contempt of Congress; suit targets Skittles ingredient


Federal judge tosses lawyers from case after concluding they failed to diligently represent shareholders


Waiver agreement bars ex-Chief Justice Roy Moore’s defamation suit against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, 2nd Circuit says


Weekly Briefs: Old arrest warrant found in Emmett Till case; former White House counsel subpoenaed


Stroock is in a ‘precarious position’ after loss of bankruptcy group; is a merger needed?


Weekly Briefs: Michael Avenatti sentenced in money theft of Stormy Daniels; Reagan shooter released without restrictions


Weekly Briefs: SCOTUS approval rating plummets; Trumps lose deposition appeal


Weekly Briefs: Kirkland tops $6B in revenue; another Pop-Tarts suit is tossed


Modern legal operations are at the intersection of law, business and technology


Weekly Briefs: Summer associates see higher offer rates; judge won’t dissolve NRA


Congress passes bill banning forced arbitration of harassment and sexual assault claims


Nonprofit sues over unauthorized practice rules that prevent free nonlawyer advice in debt cases