Reform-minded LA district attorney survives second recall attempt


Weekly Briefs: Legal sector gains 34,700 jobs in a year; judge unseals Trump search warrant


Federal charges filed against 4 Kentucky officers in raid that led to Breonna Taylor’s death


Weekly Briefs: Go-between sentenced in law prof’s murder; $4.25B opioid settlement announced


Weekly Briefs: Bannon convicted for contempt of Congress; suit targets Skittles ingredient


Weekly Briefs: Old arrest warrant found in Emmett Till case; former White House counsel subpoenaed


Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony undermines possible Trump defense in potential criminal case, experts say


Weekly Briefs: Transgender students would be covered by Title IX; lawyer’s contempt conviction upheld


Stormy Daniels’ former lawyer pleads guilty to allegations he stole from other clients


Minnesota lifer will attend online law school accredited by the ABA after variance granted


Weekly Briefs: Michael Avenatti sentenced in money theft of Stormy Daniels; Reagan shooter released without restrictions


Texas state prosecutor faces ethics complaint over election suit; AG Paxton says he’s next


Panel attorneys who represent children, indigent adults in New York courts flee low pay


Former paralegal in federal prosecution office is convicted for outing witnesses


Weekly Briefs: Prof gets $400K settlement in pronoun case; panic-attack firing leads to $450K verdict


‘Bombshell’ arrest made in murder of slain law prof Dan Markel; enhanced recording credited


Federal judge lumps Trump with ‘charlatans’ who don’t care about democracy


Weekly Briefs: Kirkland tops $6B in revenue; another Pop-Tarts suit is tossed


Weekly Briefs: BigLaw firm settles ‘mommy track’ suit; ban on scraped court data challenged


Federal judge complains prosecutors want more jail time for Jan. 6 breach than for Kavanaugh protester


McConnell says SCOTUS nominee is backed by ‘soft-on-crime brigade’; Republicans plan to question her sentencing


Alleged phony lawyer practiced law at New York law firm


Weekly Briefs: Summer associates see higher offer rates; judge won’t dissolve NRA


Starting over is ‘invigorating’ for former BigLaw co-chair convicted in college admissions scandal


Weekly Briefs: ABA will ‘work expeditiously’ to rate SCOTUS nominee; parents of accused school shooter will stand trial